About Solar Strides

Solar Strides are a multinational rock band formed on the outskirts of London in 2019. Childhood friends Jack Fosberry (lead vocals, guitar) and Luie Stylianou (guitar) found Kieran Yule (drums, backing vocals) and Hugo Cano García (bass) after posting an advert online. Their chemistry, immediately evident from the first rehearsal, is a product of blind luck. Recording their first singles, and, live to analogue tape in just one day, before even setting foot on stage, was testament to this burgeoning relationship. The band’s first show soon followed and, according to eminent local promoter, Peter Curtis, this proved to be as good a debut performance as he’d seen in fifteen years in the business. On the back of four rousing headline shows across London (The Beehive, Werkhaus, Amersham Arms and Underbelly Hoxton), Solar Strides came out swinging in the face of the pandemic; the band took on a live-streamed gig in an attempt to raise money for grassroots music. This uplifting experience turned out to be the best attended performance to date, with 250 households tuning in and raising over £1000. The band also welcomed the virtuosity of virtuosic pianist Cherubina Basciano. Read more about us below.


Hey everyone! I’m Jack, and I’m from Uxbridge. Music has always been a massive part of my life: I started learning to play the recorder when I was about 5, and have loved expanding my musical horizons since. However, it was attending the Reading Festival in 2014, where I saw various bands performing live that I still love to this day, that inspired me to really get into my music, and I have been in various bands ever since. My musical influences include bands such as the Artic Monkeys, Peace, Led Zeppelin and Catfish and the Bottlemen. I can play a couple instruments, that include the guitar, the piano and, most obscurely, the oboe - obviously I also sing (if you want to call it that) too! My favourite Solar Strides song is probably our debut single Electric, as its our most well known song, and I love playing it live when people in the crowd sing back to us!

Hello, I’m Hugo from Madrid, Spain! I really got into music about 10 years ago, when I applied to study guitar and at my local music school. The guitar course already had the maximum number of applicants, so I was accepted onto the bass course and I never looked back. My influences include a number of artists from a range of genres, especially funk and soul. However, I have recently realised that expanding my knowledge of an electric range of genres, instead of focusing on very few may be more beneficial to my playing, and will make me a more rounded musician. My favourite Solar Strides song is probably the single, What’s Wrong, What’s Right off our EP Demos From Darker Days, as I find it really fun to play.



Hi, I’m Luie! I was born in Watford just northwest of London but my Dad’s parents hail from Cyprus hence my thicker than average (not Kieran’s, incidentally) eyebrows and profound passion for kebabs. My musical journey to date was born of curiosity more than anything. I found myself wondering, with ever intensifying interest, what all the fuss was about surrounding Jimi Hendrix... I soon saw the light. Just as you could say there was guitar music before and after Hendrix, so to was there life for me before and after discovering his otherworldly talents. Naturally, I gravitated towards guitar and, at 15, immersed myself in 60s culture (not the drugs). My musical tastes have since proceeded almost chronologically and I currently find myself in the 70s Led Zeppelin global domination phase. It follows that my favourite Solar Strides track hasn’t even been released yet. What’s Wrong, What’s Right, off our forthcoming lockdown EP, takes the band’s sound in a previously unexplored direction and this appeals to the very curiosity that led me here in the first place.

Hey, I’m Kieran, and I’m from Watford like Luie! I got into music when I was around 6 or 7, with my dad showing me some of the music he listened to, such as The Jam and Nickelback, which inspired me to learn more about the subject. I then discovered bands such as Avenged Sevenfold, Blink-182 and Lower Than Atlantis, that have since influenced the way I play. I can also play the guitar, but literally just about two chords, and I can sing too. My favourite Solar Strides song is What’s Wrong, What’s Right, as I really enjoy singing the harmonies when we play the song live.



Hi, my name is Cherubina and I play keys in Solar Strides. I moved from Singapore to the UK for both my undergraduate and masters degree in Criminology and Crime Science. My dad is Italian and my mum is half English and half Chinese. The reason I got into music is because my mum is a classical pianist and she teaches classical piano. I started lessons with her at the age of 3. I also play the guitar and ukulele. Some of my musical influences include Damien Rice, Peter Bradley Adams, Bon Iver, Gregory Alan Isakov, Fleetwood Mac, and Bruce Springsteen. My all time favourite Solar Strides song is Reality.